Lots can be done by Thoughts.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Thoughts Are Optimum

The thoughts which were spoken are common to everyone. But its not being acted upon the life's chronicle.
Its common when spoken.
Also its upto u how u were taken.
A small real life tragedy were met by a famous cricketer SOURAV GANGULY. He had met the fate's face and answered with violent talk. After getting knowing that fate's thoughts are not common in this world, he got some idea to get into the normal life again. If someone is in high status, u cant blame them for their mistakes. If u do, then u might be hustled to face the fate's face. This is the rule created by the society including u and me.

He also had the curse by the people too. If the Greg chappel is avoiding ganguly ,How come its not possible for the people to accept him. So the people is in clear path that if the elder one blames the younger ones, there's nothing to think why it occurs.

Again he had a good comeback not only in his profession. And also in his clarity of words to be thrown.
Here, the existence is the rule created. And it insists the high status people to establish it to the people whom they dont like.

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