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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fortunate Fate

Our mind is the ideal species, which is used just to store thoughts and to retrieve it "throughout our life time". Thats the thing we have to ponder on. Its doing the same work but in different approach. In dilemma, it does not listening to the nerves of heart rather it does in nature life. "Fortunately" some human have the ability to hold up the mind and makes it to get into control, And ofcourse he's the winning person as well.

Please take a note in the previous line "fortunately". It is just not the word. It has the ability to make higher people lower and vice versa in status. More than that word, there is one more invisible thing is "fate". No one in this world is yet to meet the fate first time. Every people might have been met it around. But the perspective fact is how many times they have been meeting it in their respective lives. So Just think everyone can do good. Only because of fate they'll be getting down often. U can be able to encourage the people whoever wins. but the stuff to criticize or to discourage must be degraded. Thats the real thing we have to take into account.
And thats the manifesto from the centre.

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