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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Screaming heart

Screaming heart for dreaming girl

You are not just a girl, my heart blowing whirl,
And my mind flowing pearl.
I use to dream in sleep. Since you are in my dream,
I am using my whole day to sleep.
U are doing an offence, just killing me with your eyes. Still,
I’m giving defence, to keep my love alive.
My words to you get stuck, when our eye balls are in contact.
No way, I feel like my heart is intact.
I won’t ever say you are my wife, my dear life.
Whenever I’m hearing Ur voice, unknowingly
I myself stopping my heartbeat noise.
I feel like standing on fire, when you are near.
Its not fear, my dear.
That’s just the love coat that I wear.
Let me to hunt your heart,
Before I have been sent to heaven.
Always I feel you in myself, and
You just heal me in yourself.
Finally I’m in need of only those two words.
Its, marry me.

By yours.

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