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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Presence of mind to Love

To You:
Hey Dove, This is my perfect love,

Likely to be story, with damn glory.
My brain nerves gets vanishing, when
Your eyes are punishing and I got finishing.
I thought we are made for each other, but
Actually we were splitted into one and the other.
Our love is sheerly selfish, so what?
I won’t relinquish.
Your absence made here, the presence of tear.
Yes madam I’m the Adam, so
Just don’t leave my dear eve.
If I fail to join you, I’ll be ready for renaissance.
There, I like to be in full of your love fence.
I’m going just mad over you,
By knowing how far I’m from you.
Darely I’ll never live without your love.
If it happens, something worse, that was my curse.
And I’ll be in hearse.
I’m ready to go with soil, if our love spoil.

- By yours.

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