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Monday, October 8, 2007

The Feel That Ruins.

Actual spirit to live the life is to acquire the sense of humanity. Moreover the maximum percent of people is being slave to their heart. People who leads the heart is the one who acquire the sense of humanity.

If u think something, u should not be delayed. So that it is clear u are executing what ur mind says.
If u delays, it is coming clear that ur heart is holding u up to hang over the decision.

Luckily u can make it sometime. But the spirit is to make it often. Likely to become victorious may not be recognized one. Acquired victory is the recognized one.

  • Mental toughness should be eliminated.
  • Negative likings should be made positive, even if u cant able to stop it.
  • Learn from the successor.
  • Stare at your loss.
  • Do what u think, but with plan.

Do not underestimate urself, where u can do for others at any cost. Everything happens with the help of god. But the act u proposes is the test given by god. If u pass the test, Success is yours.

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