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Friday, December 12, 2008

Thoughts to think about-Interesting, if u find time to look @ it !!!

December 8, 2008
" There are many ships of all sizes that sail the endless oceans of the mind, body, heart and soul. Surrounded by countless smaller vessels are the ships Religion, Marriage, Health and Love. On the horizon, they see the approach of a ship that dwarfs all others. She is Perception. Some cheer her arrival while others scatter and sail for shallow waters and the shore. Those waiting, flock to her. Like a mothering swan, she gathers them up, one by one, and secures them in place with Peace, Happiness, War, Justice and the others. As she quietly moves away towards her next port of call, the wind opens her banner for all to see but few to understand. Those who fled along the shore fear her not for her immense size or wake but the image on the dreaded banner itself. That of a two edged sword."
--- Copyright © 2008 L. M. Hyde

December 8, 2008
" All that we are is a result of what we have thought."
--- Buddha

December 8, 2008
" Worry is one of the biggest enemies of good health. Worry never gets you anywhere. It is a bogey that feeds on itself. Do something about the things that worry you."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Bhanu Deo Pendyala --- India

December 8, 2008
" Every book starts with just one word, every great idea is sparked by a single thought, every morning sees a new sunrise, and every journey begins with a single step."
--- Written in 2008 by Chris M. --- Kansas

December 3, 2008
" Challenges are 'tough' to those who never face them but 'easy' to those who accept them."
--- Written in 2008 by Darpan Kumar --- India

December 3, 2008
" Do good, the world is yours."
--- Written in 2008 by Danish Irfan --- Pakistan

December 3, 2008
" The architect of your destiny is yourself."
--- Written in 2008 by Daniel Kennedy

December 3, 2008
" Follow these simple principles and you'll be happy: take each day as it comes; don't procrastinate."
--- Written in 2008 by Eric Nyaga --- Kenya
People look too far for happiness when they're leaving it right under their noses.

December 1, 2008
" Don’t look for endings when you need a beginning."
---Written in 2008 by Rami Mahfouz --- Canada
For those who often look at how they will fail when all they want is to succeed.

December 1, 2008
" Love is what keeps us working, moving, alive. And when somebody finds that special someone, you feel lighter and happier. One heart always desires but never rests. Dreams come true every day, just let somebody special look into your eyes."
---Written in 2008 by Krasi Kokalova --- Bulgaria

December 1, 2008
" There are two principles in life. First: to defend ourselves by the tool "SPEECH" without concentrating on any action plan. The Second: to keep our mouth shut and work with the primitive tool "ACTION PLAN". The First principle is handy and just forms a part of Life. The Second one is the way of Life that will lead us to the desired position by a much simpler route."
---Copyright © 2008 Sandeep Kumar
Action speaks more than words in a different way.

December 1, 2008
" Good luck is often with the man who doesn't include it in his plans."
---Author Unknown --- Submitted by Christy Wilson --- Texas

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